Which Minecraft Server Is Considered As Best?

If we talk about the Minecraft server, then it is a very great gaming server that can be used for playing the game online with other players around the world. It doesn’t matters where you are exiting if you have the server ID and password then simply enter in the server and start playing the game wisely. It just takes a few seconds in order to enter in the server that will definitely make you a better gamer. Minecraft Servers comes in various prices so it will depend on the players that what type of server they would like to use. It would be really valuable for the players so simply start taking its benefits today. 

Minecraft is a played by millions of players, and if you are playing it, then you can easily host I on the platform like a server where other players are exiting so you must pay attention on it. As the game is really fantastic, so people really like the features of it and praise of its great gameplay. If you are going to play this game, then simply start taking its benefits because it is the most effective and valuable option for the players. In this article, you will read some of the most effective and valuable aspects related to the Minecraft server in the upcoming paragraphs. 

BRAWL – A specific type of Minecraft Server

Minecraft Server has a great variety, so it will depend on the choice of the users that what kind of server he or she like to use for playing the game wisely. If we talk about the best Minecraft Servers, then the name of BRAWL comes on apex. Basically, if you are a common user of the Minecr4aft, then you really love to play the other shooting game called COD 2. However, if we talk about the BRAWL, then it can bet the most suitable server for the users form the enter range of the server of the Minecraft. If we talk more about it then it this server will prove you various modes like FPS and multiple features at its amazing spawn window.


If we talk about the MINEPLEX then it is one of the most useful Minecraft Servers that are especially designed for the users of the Minecraft. People those who are looking of the various types of arenas and also other great modes should simply choose the option of Minecraft server called MINEPLEX so it would be really a valuable option for you on which you can easily trust on. In addition to this, the best part of this great server is that it is very attractive and become the attraction of the players.

Bottom lines

It doesn’t matter what type of server you are going to select, but one thing that always keeps in mind is that you should simply setting-up the server that is available for you so try to check out the tips to keep the Minecraft server more useful.

How to make a Minecraft server?

A while ago I was looking through Google to see how to make a Minecraft server, and I saw something about making a Minecraft server with a built-in server file or something.

Is there any easy way to make a server without any odd port-forwarding stuff and buying Minecraft servers? I see some people made a bunch of them for testing worlds. But I just want to play with my friends…

Is my Realm dying?

Me and a friend have started a realm minecraft servers a little over a month ago, and we recently noticed some odd things happening. To start it off, both of our houses would spontaneously catch fire without warning, despite there being no lightning, no lava or fireplaces.

Basically nothing that could cause a fire. Soon after that, we saw a few explosions in our main base, and a corresponding amount of TNT was missing from one of my chests. Now, occasionally when one of us logs into the server, there’s a chunk blown out of my house. Neither of us can explain it. Anyone experiencing anything similar?

I am the minecraft server owner, and he is the only other person there. He and I have both been present for quite a few of these events, so I can verify that it is NOT him.

Please help!

Suggestion: Piranhas in jungle rivers and lakes!

I guess all of us have at some point seen piranhas, whether it be on television or in a Zoo, or maybe even in a jungle. In that case you know how aggressive creatures these are.


Replacing drowned in rivers as they make more sense in the ocean in my opinion, and making the jungle a little harder to traverse considering the rewards you get for visiting.


These fish behave almost like a cross between silverfish and fish. Ironic that silverfish aren’t actually fish.

HP: 2. Hand damage is 1 and full player health is 20 for those curious. if a piranha is damaged, but not killed, all other piranhas in a 20 block radius will come and try attacking you.

Attack: The piranha will be able to attack you once every second, dealing 1 damage.

Piranhas have a 30% chance of spawning in packs of 5-10, packs/individual piranhas spawn at the same rate as drowns do in rivers.

Packs will have one individual attacking you if you swim through the water, and if you attack back or kill him, his pack will attack you, but other piranhas in proximity won’t get notified.


Piranhas are excellent for XP, and drop 3-5 XP. They also have a 15% chance of dropping a tropical fish.