Emerald and Obsidian Tools mod for minecraft

Emerald and Obsidian Tools mod adds obsidian tools and armor as well as emerald tools and armor. While obsidian is stronger than diamond, the strength of an Emerald lies between diamond and iron. The crafting recipes are the same as the usual tools and armor. Just smelt an obsidian block to get the obsidian ingot. Categorized under Minecraft Mods, the Emerald and Obsidian Tools Mod is developed by ams366 and the last update was in January, 2013. This is a must have mod for all those players looking for some new tools to add more excitement to the game.


Take a look at some of the exciting features offered by Emerald and Obsidian Tools mod.

• crafting recipes for dot tools
• tools are good for mining
• Updatd to Minecraft 1.4.7
• Limited use of obsidian tools
• Obsidian block is easier to break
• Some of the textures tweaked
• breaking speed of emerald and obsidian tools increased.
• Fixed leather torso glitch

Use these mod to add tools and armor in emerald and obsidian. You also get the capability to smelt obsidian into ingot. You will see that the crafting recipes are very much the same as the regular tools and armor. To get an obsidian ingot, just smelt an obsidian block.

Installation Steps

Follow the given instructions carefully to install Emerald and Obsidian Tools.

1. First you need to download Emerald and Obsidian Tools Mod.
2. Install ModLoader
3. Now, open minecraft.jar in the minecraft bin folder with the help of winrar
4. Move all the contents of the downloaded file into the jar.
6. Do not forget to delete META-INF
7. Enjoy your game with the new mod installed.

Emerald and Obsidian Tools will add new level of fun and excitement.

Deathly’s Mod Editor for minecraft

If you are looking for a Visual editor to make your own mod, then install Deathly’s Mod Editor. This is a simple way to create server mods without programming. You will need Java jre, Java jdk for installing. There are only textures in the Deathlys Mod Editor. If you find the mod with no textures, check for a space in the name of the mod. Replace it with _ and this should sort out the problem. Download the mod to add some more of the fun element in the game as you make your own mods.


• New Plugin support
• compile time reduced
• Custom block drops
• Different tools – ArmorMaterial Tool, ToolMaterial Tool, Smelting Tool, Recipe Tool, Item Tool, Block Tool
• Add an auto-updater

Installation Steps

Let us take a look at the right steps to install the mod.

1. first steps is to download the. Jar
2. Run the file
3. If you are running the file for the first time, you need to download minecraft coder pack.
4. Just click on “New mod”
5. That’s it! You are done and can enjoy the game.

Try opening the Java ™ SE platform if you are not able to run the file. Install Java JRE if you do not have it. The installations steps will work for Mac too.

Cube World world generator for minecraft

Cube World is a great mod for terrain generator. Now you can introduce a very bizarre and upsetting new world into play into your mine craft game. There are glass boxes that are floating and carrying different terrain inside of them. However, the mod requires Forge if you want compatibility with other mods. The current version is 1.5B for Minecraft 1.4.7 and those older versions maps will not work with 1.5B. Explore the alien and strange world. You will simply love the survival maps with a never-ending abyss style. Go ahead and get deeper in your adventure by building bridges over dangerous chasms.

Now there is no need to uninstall if one wants to switch between different world generators. The mod can change the world around you in Minecraft. Each biome is placed in a in a separate cube of Glass and this can be very useful when creating maps.

Main Features

These are some great features of the mod.

• Simply awesome for survival type games
• Add strange floating glass cubes
• Works with other generator mods
• Improved compatibility
• Restructured to work with recent Minecraft version 1.4.7
• rewritten code
• Forge based now
• Better Spawning

Installation Steps

The steps for installing the mod are easy to follow. Download and install Forge first.

1. First, you need to move cubeworld.zip file in to the minecraft/mods folder
2. Now, close all the windows and start minecraft
3. Navigate to the Start Menu and type in %appdata%
5. Look for minecraft folder and locate Mods
6. Place the complete zip file of Cube World Generator Mod inside
7. Run minecraft
8. Get ready to play!

Elemental Mod for minecraft

If you are looking for some new swords, go for Elemental Mod in your minecraft world. This mod will add 8 new swords – Light, Darkness, Wind, Earth, Ice, Water, Fire in the game. This is an awesome mudpack for swords. This Mod is based on Elementals and will add Armor, Swords, Ores, Solid Blocks, etc. right click on the ground to get different effects such as Lightning, Fire, Water, Ice, Earth etc. Go ahead and add some new swords and get some new level of excitement in your game.


Take a look at some exciting features of Elemental Mod.

• Get 8 new swords
• Darkness and Light are similar to the diamond swords
• All swords deal the same damage as an iron sword except the light and darkness
• Get a lot of stuff such as 3 Wands
• Control the weather with the Original Wand
• Water Wand creates water while Fire Wand creates fire.
• The food in the mod are the Elemental Donuts
• Unusual Sword is the most powerful weapon and made with Unusual Essences.
• Armor – Lava Armor, Ice Armor; Earth Armor; Dark Armor;
• Swords- Lava Sword, Ice Sword, Earth Sword, ark Sword, Unusual Sword
• Ores – LavaGem;IceGem, EarthGem , DarkGem
• Solid Blocks – LavaGem Solid Block, IceGem Solid Block, EarthGem Solid Block, DarkGem Solid Block;
• Essences: Red Essence, Brown Essence, Blue Essence, Black Essence, Unusual Essence
• Wands – Elemental Wand, Elemental Wand-Fire, Elemental Wand-Water
• Elemental Stick
• Gems-Lava Gem, Ice Gem, Earth Gem, Dark Gem;
• Potions – Lava Potion, Ice Potion, Earth Potion, Dark Potion

Installation Steps

The steps to install the Elemental Mod are easy to follow. Here is what you need to do.

1. Go to “run” and pick “.minecraft” folder
2. Choose “bin” folder
3. Open the “minecraft.jar” with 7zip or winrar
4. Now copy and paste all the mod contents inside the “minecraft.jar”
5. You are done! Enjoy the game.

HumanMobs for minecraft

Minecraft is now a terrifying place to be in if you are faint of heart. Those creepers and Skeletons as well as spiders and zombies are all out to get you. You are going to remain at the edge of your seat all the time. But if you want you can change all those terrifying creatures into human mobs. All you need to do is install the HumanMobs Mod for Minecraft 1.4.7. Just with some simple steps, one can have a custom mob in game!

Now with a 1.4.7 update, HumanMobs is upgraded and one can use any skin as a mob. Pick from skeletons to creepers to ender man, these mobs have become converted to human. But so don’t get fooled by them as they can be very startling. Squids have been added and you will also find bats in the animal version. One can change the aggressive villagers and mobs into the HumanPlayer, as they retain their usual behavior. Get ready to experience teleporting endermans, exploding creepers and village traders and much more in this amazing mod. The Giant Zombies can get their own texture now, thanks to this mod. One can use any skin with this mod.

Here is a list of mobs that one can change into humans:

Creeper, ZombieVillagers, Zombie, Villagers, Skeleton, SilverFish, ZombiePigman, MagmaCube, Ghast, Slime, Blaze, SnowGolem, WitherSkeleton, IronGolem, Enderman, CaveSpider, Spider and Witch.

Installation Steps

Installing HumanMobs is easy. Just follow the simple instructions given below. But first, you need to follow some precautions. For instance, it is essential to get WinRAR or 7-zip. Take a backup of your minecraft.jar before you do anything. Also, set up Modloader and HumanMobs for Modloader/Forge.

1. Download the installer.
2. Double click on the installer
3. click on the Install button.
3. You will get a message saying that it has been installed.
4, Start playing.

MobCages mod for minecraft

If you were looking for an easy way to move your untamable mobs or are fed up of all that traveling to get mob resources, then you should try Mob Cage. Just use the cage and click on right side to capture the Mob. And if you want to let it go free, you need to just right click on the block. What you will require is some iron bars and wood.

In order to make the cage, you will need 6 wooden planks along with some iron bars from that mine. Once you make the Mob Cage, it is ready to trap the animal. When you right click on the animal, it disappears but it is actually trapped in the cage. Right click again to see the captured animal. You can create multiple cages and place them in your inventory and use them to transport multiple mobs and trap animals.

crafting mobcages


• Carry more than one cage
• Cages can store mobs and transport them

As the trapped mobs don’t render properly inside of the block, the bug needs to be fixed. Install this mob if you are tired of making different inventions on how to trap mobs or animals. Mob Cages offers a very simple solution and allows you to make different cages to trap the mobs or animals. You can always place the cage wherever you want.

Some bugs that need to be fixed are that sometimes while placing and breaking the cages, the game may crash.

Installation Steps

Follow these simple to follow instructions on MobCages.

1. First, you need to download Modloader 1.4.7
2. Download Cages Mob 1.4.7 Mod
3. Now, you need to open .minecraft / bin / minecraft.jar file
4. Copy Paste Modloader files within “minecraft.jar”.
5. Remove META-INF folder.
6. Next step is to paste downloaded mod into .minecraft / mods
7. Enjoy!

It becomes very easy now to catch mobs and animals.