Minecraft players accidently ddos a country

15 November, 2022

Minecraft players accidently ddos a country

While many Minecraft servers have problems with ddos attacks, this case takes the cake.The entire country of Andorra was without internet access last week after a multi-day DDoS attack that coincided with the highly anticipated Minecraft tournament.

DDoS attacks on Andorra Telecom, the country's only internet service provider (ISP), resulted in the elimination a few Andorran players.

While the identity of the perpetrators is still unknown, many suspect that the attack was planned to affect Team Andorra's participation in the contest for the $100,000 prize pool.

Squidcraft Games hosts the Minecraft tournament. It is one of many online competitions on Twitch. The event started on January 19, and will conclude today, January 24,

The tournament is inspired by Netflix's smash hit Squid Games and pits 150 players against each other in a series challenges over six days. Twitch has already broken records by attracting over one million concurrent viewers to the second day of the competition.

Our sister site Tom's Hardware reported that the DDoS attack on Andorra Telecom took place during both the first day and the second day of tournament. After internet issues surfaced, the organizers were forced to deny access to the Andorran competitors.

It appears that Team Andorra was the target of the attack. This idea is based on a tweet by NetBlocks, an organisation that monitors internet connectivity issues. Andorra Telecom has said that it believed the attack was connected to the high-stakes Minecraft contest.

The telecoms company continues to experience problems despite the fact that the Andorran players have been expelled from the tournament. DDoS activity is still causing customers problems browsing the internet, according to a tweet this morning. TechRadar Pro asked the company if it still stands behind its initial assessment of the motivation for these attacks.