Is my Realm dying?

1 December, 2022

Is my Realm dying?

Me and a friend have started a realm minecraft servers a little over a month ago, and we recently noticed some odd things happening. To start it off, both of our houses would spontaneously catch fire without warning, despite there being no lightning, no lava or fireplaces.

Basically nothing that could cause a fire. Soon after that, we saw a few explosions in our main base, and a corresponding amount of TNT was missing from one of my chests. Now, occasionally when one of us logs into the server, there's a chunk blown out of my house. Neither of us can explain it. Anyone experiencing anything similar?

I am the minecraft server owner, and he is the only other person there. He and I have both been present for quite a few of these events, so I can verify that it is NOT him.

Please help!