HumanMobs for minecraft

14 December, 2022

HumanMobs for minecraft

Minecraft is now a terrifying place to be in if you are faint of heart. Those creepers and Skeletons as well as spiders and zombies are all out to get you. You are going to remain at the edge of your seat all the time. But if you want you can change all those terrifying creatures into human mobs. All you need to do is install the HumanMobs Mod for Minecraft 1.4.7. Just with some simple steps, one can have a custom mob in game!

Now with a 1.4.7 update, HumanMobs is upgraded and one can use any skin as a mob. Pick from skeletons to creepers to ender man, these mobs have become converted to human. But so don't get fooled by them as they can be very startling. Squids have been added and you will also find bats in the animal version. One can change the aggressive villagers and mobs into the HumanPlayer, as they retain their usual behavior. Get ready to experience teleporting endermans, exploding creepers and village traders and much more in this amazing mod. The Giant Zombies can get their own texture now, thanks to this mod. One can use any skin with this mod.

Here is a list of mobs that one can change into humans:

Creeper, ZombieVillagers, Zombie, Villagers, Skeleton, SilverFish, ZombiePigman, MagmaCube, Ghast, Slime, Blaze, SnowGolem, WitherSkeleton, IronGolem, Enderman, CaveSpider, Spider and Witch.

Installation Steps

Installing HumanMobs is easy. Just follow the simple instructions given below. But first, you need to follow some precautions. For instance, it is essential to get WinRAR or 7-zip. Take a backup of your minecraft.jar before you do anything. Also, set up Modloader and HumanMobs for Modloader/Forge.

1. Download the installer.
2. Double click on the installer
3. click on the Install button.
3. You will get a message saying that it has been installed.
4, Start playing.