Elemental Mod for minecraft

3 January, 2023

Elemental Mod for minecraft

If you are looking for some new swords, go for Elemental Mod in your minecraft world. This mod will add 8 new swords – Light, Darkness, Wind, Earth, Ice, Water, Fire in the game. This is an awesome mudpack for swords. This Mod is based on Elementals and will add Armor, Swords, Ores, Solid Blocks, etc. right click on the ground to get different effects such as Lightning, Fire, Water, Ice, Earth etc. Go ahead and add some new swords and get some new level of excitement in your game.


Take a look at some exciting features of Elemental Mod.

• Get 8 new swords
• Darkness and Light are similar to the diamond swords
• All swords deal the same damage as an iron sword except the light and darkness
• Get a lot of stuff such as 3 Wands
• Control the weather with the Original Wand
• Water Wand creates water while Fire Wand creates fire.
• The food in the mod are the Elemental Donuts
• Unusual Sword is the most powerful weapon and made with Unusual Essences.
• Armor – Lava Armor, Ice Armor; Earth Armor; Dark Armor;
• Swords- Lava Sword, Ice Sword, Earth Sword, ark Sword, Unusual Sword
• Ores – LavaGem;IceGem, EarthGem , DarkGem
• Solid Blocks – LavaGem Solid Block, IceGem Solid Block, EarthGem Solid Block, DarkGem Solid Block;
• Essences: Red Essence, Brown Essence, Blue Essence, Black Essence, Unusual Essence
• Wands – Elemental Wand, Elemental Wand-Fire, Elemental Wand-Water
• Elemental Stick
• Gems-Lava Gem, Ice Gem, Earth Gem, Dark Gem;
• Potions – Lava Potion, Ice Potion, Earth Potion, Dark Potion

Installation Steps

The steps to install the Elemental Mod are easy to follow. Here is what you need to do.

1. Go to “run” and pick “.minecraft” folder
2. Choose “bin” folder
3. Open the “minecraft.jar” with 7zip or winrar
4. Now copy and paste all the mod contents inside the “minecraft.jar”
5. You are done! Enjoy the game.