Cube World world generator for minecraft

25 January, 2023

Cube World world generator for minecraft

Cube World is a great mod for terrain generator. Now you can introduce a very bizarre and upsetting new world into play into your mine craft game. There are glass boxes that are floating and carrying different terrain inside of them. However, the mod requires Forge if you want compatibility with other mods. The current version is 1.5B for Minecraft 1.4.7 and those older versions maps will not work with 1.5B. Explore the alien and strange world. You will simply love the survival maps with a never-ending abyss style. Go ahead and get deeper in your adventure by building bridges over dangerous chasms.

Now there is no need to uninstall if one wants to switch between different world generators. The mod can change the world around you in Minecraft. Each biome is placed in a in a separate cube of Glass and this can be very useful when creating maps.

Main Features

These are some great features of the mod.

• Simply awesome for survival type games
• Add strange floating glass cubes
• Works with other generator mods
• Improved compatibility
• Restructured to work with recent Minecraft version 1.4.7
• rewritten code
• Forge based now
• Better Spawning

Installation Steps

The steps for installing the mod are easy to follow. Download and install Forge first.

1. First, you need to move file in to the minecraft/mods folder
2. Now, close all the windows and start minecraft
3. Navigate to the Start Menu and type in %appdata%
5. Look for minecraft folder and locate Mods
6. Place the complete zip file of Cube World Generator Mod inside
7. Run minecraft
8. Get ready to play!